About Us

I bring with me more than 30 years of proficiency in Human Capital and Operations Management. I have undertaken both leadership and consulting roles in the fields of Human Capital Management and Development, Cost Management, Corporate Performance Management, Organizational Development, Total Quality Management, Organizational Excellence, Service Excellence and People Excellence Models.

I have been a Human Capital Leader with well-known establishments in the hospitality, trading and construction industries where I was responsible for a multitude of HC functions and initiatives. These include developing Competency Models, Productivity Models, Performance Management, Work Processes Improvements, Performance Incentive Design and Workforce Development.

Currently, I provide one stop business solutions to clients in the areas of Performance Management, Process / Job re-design, Business Excellence, People Excellence, Service Excellence Framework, Organizational Culture, Productivity Improvements, Leadership Development, Organization Re-structuring, Executive Coaching and Training. My portfolio cuts across diverse sectors and business outfits - Government agencies, GLCs, MNCs and SMEs in Singapore, India, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Islamic Republic of Iran, Mongolia, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan, Bahrain and Kazakhstan.

I graduated from the National University of Ireland with a Master of Science in HRM and a Business Management Degree from Singapore Institute of Management. I am a Certified Training Professional (IPMA-UK), Certified Coach (Marshall Goldsmith), Certified Practicing Management Consultant (Singapore), Technical Advisor (APO-Tokyo), Certified Customer Service Consultant (SQI) and more.

I am proud to say that I have helped several local and international organizations in the banking, telco, oil and gas, health, hospitality, manufacturing, recreation, trading, automobile, retail mall and education organizations realize their dreams, aspirations and business objectives.

Please speak with me today. Together, we can make your outstanding organization even better.